Monday, April 29, 2013

Sheer flowers

First of all I hope you have wonderful monday! As the spring is on full speed, it should be wonderfull weather everywhere, and that should make everyone happy.

Last week I finally finished the project which I was putting off for very long time. I decided to make such skirt because I won in ebay auction very similar skirt, but the seller send me totally different skir, and didnt answer when I told him that he has made mistake, so at the end I didnt get the skirt I wanted (it was sample sale skirt I dont know the brand, and I have nowhere seen the same), so I had to make something similat myself.
Also this kind of skirt reminds me of something that would make australian brands, and Im obsessed with them.
Only thing  - I think I will alter the skirt shorter - little bit above the knee, because as Im quite short and this midi lenght just doesnt suit me so well.

Also wearing: H&M top,Next heels, Gogo Philip necklace, thrifted green belt with maching green colored hand blister(got it form raker, when cleaned the yard).



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  2. Very nice fashion on your blog!

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  3. Wowww I love your skirt!!!

  4. I like it, ist simple and cool!

  5. Man loti loti patik svarki, patiesibaa ir vieni mazliet lidziigi uzdarinati, daleji, nu ar caurspidigu audumu, .... Patiik ljoooooti svarku kosais audums, es jau redzu kaa tadi svaarki saietu ar vienu manu t kreklu..... Ljoti skaisti buutu, varbuut ja tev veel ir audums vareetu ko sarunaat :-) loti patiik ka tas ir it kaa melnbalts outfit bet tomeer nee.... Smuki....

  6. Tas puķainais audums ir mazliet palicis pāri, svārkiem sanāktu, bet nav vairs tas caurspīdīgais audums, man viņš bija ļoti maz..:(

  7. Es gribeetu tiesi to pukaino, teiksim taadi liidz celim, es tev nosuutiisu e pastu, varbuut tieshaam varam ko sarunaat ok.....

  8. You look gorgeous, i love this look!:> Thanks for visiting my blog, i would love to follow each other if you still want that!:> Im following you now via Google!

    Big hugs,