Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday is for DIY!

This grey wolf didn't fit in my white animal collection, sooo I had to do something..
Actually I saw this idea on youtube, but the girl who did this she put the glitter on the wolf, which looks great, only such sparkly thing doesn't suit in my room, so I skipped this step
I glued the wolf on the jar lid (from candle which burned out) and spraypainted all whit! Very simple! :)


Thursday, January 23, 2014

DNV Natalia Danilova

Natalia Danilova is latvian clothing and jewellery designer, and I'm so ashamed that I discovered it only today, in instagram, but I'm also very glad, because everything what I see is in my taste. She uses mainly natural materials in clothes, and I think its great!! Also what I love the most from her creations is the fur print dress (at the photo with two girls) - I actually had idea of taking photo of some animal fur, maybe my dogs, and make it into the fabric print.. now I think if I do this I will be little bit like copycat, on the other hand I have seen such fur print in other designers collections( like Carin Wester). I guess the idea just really fly in the air and people in different places just catches it! :)
And how amazing is the location for photo shoot - its Rundale palace, and the designs really fit in this environment perfectly!
The photos are from their Facebook page there - Natalia Danilova
And defo check out her INSTAGRAM - natalijadanilova !!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Wearing: Nasty Gal hat and jacket - Just female jeans - Zara boots - Asos top - thrifted belt.

Few days ago happened something sad - the dog caught a little bird and injured it very badly, he could fly a little bit, but his leg was broken and also he had some wound near the wing - we took it in the house, and it stayed overnight in the house- in the morning I looked at him and he was so scared and sad but at the same he was moving and flying a lot in the cage, and I was thinking, I can keep it in cage, and probably he will die of stress and that he isn't eating there, or I can let it out and he will be happy at the environment in which he is used and it will be up to him, find food and live. So I let him out on the tree and then watched it for some time, it just sat on branch and wasn't looking for food, as I hoped..And then another bird started to attack him, and they both flew into some bushes, where I lost him, I was searching and searching but nothing.. I just cried all day after that, because I was feeling that I shouldn't let him out in -7C temperature, and was imagining as it is freezing and just dying.. But on other hand, it would die in home anyway, and it probably felt  very much pain, because of broken leg.. I just don't know if I did it right.
 What I  hate the most is that I have lived so long but I dont know how to actually help a little bird, no one teaches such important things in school, and in real live no one cares about such a small animal, I know if I would took him to vet, they would be smiling stupidly and would suggest to euthanize it, if its even possible for very small bird (it was titmouse with yellow belly).
 I believe its wrong to say say you are animal lover, but you really care only for cats and dogs - cows, pigs chickens you eat, wood animals hunters shoot all the time for fun (but they say that its necessary, to control animal population, and they are the ones that care for these animals by feeding them in winter, really?And after that just killing them, just wrong..).
If you love you love all the animals as simple as it sounds. 
Just love and care about all. Sorry that this long text isnt about fashion or my outfit, just my heart hurts really bad about all the animals who are suffering at this moment, and about the little bird with yellow belly..I just wish this world would be a different place..


Monday, January 13, 2014

New in

I havent updated my blog for some while, I just have something like creative crisis, because all I do is work, and yes, I guess I must learn to manage my time better, so I have time for other stuff I love to do.
I have been shopping lately little bit more than usually, and I wanted to share with you with some of the things I love, and these all are from different places.

The black top is thrifted - I found it in plus size clothing section, but it fit very good. It remind me of something australian labels would make, but its from River Island.

Boots I got recently from Zara sale - I wanted the simple black boot for such a long time, and my goal was to buy only faux leather boots, but I just couldn't find anything I got these, and I feel a bit guilty about that.

Hat is from Nasty Gal - I recently ordered my first ever Nasty Gal order, and there was also other stuff I bought from them, which I will show you in some outfit posts. I really wanted a fedora hat, but I guess I must keep searching, because this hat is a little bit big for my head, and I think I will have to sell it - I put it in this photo because it would look really nice with this top and boots, and some ripped-knee jeans.