Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dragon ARMOR skir #2

Asos cuffs and belt, Next jumper, Jeffrey Campbell boots, DIY skirt.

Soo finally I can show this - this was the project what I was talking about, of course it wasnt very easy job, there was some darama while making skirt, in one moment I even was thinking to throw thease in trash bin..:D But at the end they turned out better than my first black skirt.

They are made from about 300 hand cut out details - I wish I had a cutting machine...

I use faux leather material, because I try to avoid form animal leather. Althought I coulndt avoid form thease Lita boots..:(

Monday, January 16, 2012


I had thease asos earcuffs for while now, I just wasnt in love with them because I think they look too plain, especially when they are on.. and feather earcuffs have been around internet for quite while too, I always liked them, but somehow didnt get them - and few days ago I saw on esty white feathers earcuff and I thought that its soo beautiful, and I was lucky enough to get white feathers in local store shortly after.. Only thing, Im not sure is to take off thease chains or leave them...With chains it looks different but, maybe little too much..I dont know..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Forest green & claws

Claw earring is form asos, love it because it's different, and it looks really cool on.

Got thease boots from asos sale, I managed to grab last pair in my size..thease had huge discount, form 85 GBP to 25GBP, so Im very happy with this..
I think green is beautiful color, but I dont like it in clothes, only in accessories, because green color doesnt really suit me - I literally have two green things in my closet, green belt and green bag and now thease green boots...Green is warm color, but on me looks good cold colors - but like I said its more important when I choose clothing, jumpers dresses, everything that is near my face... :D