Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late inspo

Dresses with tail print are from Carin Wester and all the rest are from Clover Canyon Spring 0'14 collection.

For me Clover Canyon are real heroes - because Im so into fabric prints, and these prints are amazing and so complicated in my opininon.

Not so long ago I finally received my fabrics, and now I must get my hands on transforming them into real garments. Little sneak peek was in my instagram , if you want to see how these fabrics look.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013



So, as my PC was upgraded and there was missing the Microsoft Office Photo editor, I was asking you for some help, and some of you suggested to get Photoscape for editing purposes. I got it and I love it, at first I really didnt like it, as this program is different than Microsoft one, but more I use it, more I love it, especially the Movie Filters..From one side I do love natural looking photos, but at the same time I love to have some fun with editing them, especially when there are some nice sutff at the Photoscape.
Found this crop top as the part of set trousers and top at thrift shop - and I love that there is written "sugarcoat" at the front, and the brand is "8899" - I have never heard about such brand, and maybe because of that I love it even more. Maybe you have heard about such brand?
Also wearing - necklace and bag from ebay, sunnies from Asos, shoes from New Look, and the jacket, top, shorts and belt(Topshop) thrifted.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Number IX

 wearing: thrifted sweatshirt, asos sunglasses, zara pants and necklace, h&m shoes.

September is on full speed, as the fall is coming very fast, and its almost there - I feel the summertime sadness as the most people, but at the same time, its nice, because I love when leaves turn colorful and I can finally star to wear jumpers, I really havent worn them since march, because the weather was really hot all the time, and I just miss jumpers..:D
Talking about numbers - september is the  the ninth month, and number nine is my lucky number, I have calculated it and tested that many times, so I have good feeling about this month. Do you believe in numerology, and that it influence how good or bad the day or month will be, and that influences life generally?:)