Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take 2

So this is my second attempt to style the red coat, and it turned out almost similar to the previous look, I would say more comfy version, instead of crop top there is sweatshirt, and heels I changed for sneakers.. As much as I like to dress up, In the heart Im comfy, and smiple casual adorer.

Wearing: Thrifted coat, sweatshirt and jeans / Asos bag, necklace and sunglasses / Jeffrey Campbell shoes.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

H&M Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections

This friday 21 March I had opportunity to visit H&M Showroom to see the newest Conscious collections. And before I got there I didnt had any expectations, I was thinking that there will be just simple clothing pieces made from sustainable materials, but oh how wrong I was.. What I saw was dramatic and intricately details, fabrics form organic silk and cotton. Which I think is the best idea to take materials from organic farms so ensuring that less damage is done for enviroment, because as we know organic farms doesnt use pesticides and chemicals which pollute the Earth. I hope in future there will be only Conscious H&M and all other clothing brands too :)
The Conscious collections will be available in 150 selected H&M stores worldwide as well as online. In Latvia the store will be Gallerija Centrs - and H&M launches it on April 10th.
My favourites are the both shoes in photos (there are other shoes too in collection) - and many more things, this collection is just great!!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Asos stuff

Recently I did small purchase at Asos, actually I did it because of necklace which was last in stock, I really wanted it, but it would be wierd to order only necklace (atleast that was what I was thinking) so I grabbed some other things too. 
Really wanted to try this BarryM Matte nail polish, because I watched some youtube hauls and I have heard lots of good reviews - and I must agree this is really nice matte nail polish, I want it in red color too!
Also I got Asos red beanie, because winter is still on - but I was bit disappointed because in Asos photo it looked more strawberry red, but in real life its more neon red, or orange, but I will wear it anyway!:)

I hope you are living in spring now,because I have to acquiesce with 10cm thick snow, everywhere, so you are very lucky if you have spring weather!:)


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Loving Reds

Wearing: Coat thrifted - Sunglasses and top ASOS - Pants Cheap Monday - Shoes Next - Necklace Ebay.

Yesterday I went thrift shopping - and I was super suprised when in one shop I found like ten really nice coats - when I tried on all there was three red coats which I really liked - they all were vintage (I think), and two was floor length. I was never before into maxi coats, but now I think they look very chic with super high heels.. Actually I know its all because of Kim K - on the other hand I have seen a lot that style coats in street style photos as well... 

At the end I bought only two  - this in the photos, and also one maxi coat, which I gave to seamstress to take in shoulder part because it was bit big for me, but after sewing I think it will fit great. 

I just fell in love with the red color, because Im wearing grey and black coat for ages, I want something different, something that make me happy, and the red color makes me happy. I would love to have orange coat as seen in one of my previous post, but red was the closest I could find..

Btw - this coat is really good quality, by british brand Windsmoor - as it is vintage I wonder from which decade is it  - I want to think that its from 70s or maybe 50s, but I may be very wrong because its in such a good condition, that it may be from 2001 as well.. 
Do you know how to determine the date clothing was made?