Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Instagramed life

 1.My first ever henna drawing 2. Watching lovely sunset outside my window 3.Tried out sushii with rice noodles, turned out great. 4. Again practicing henna art.
 1. Found this H&M top in thrift store brand new with tags, I had previously exact same top, but it shrank after washing, so happy that I found it again. 2. Tried out Creme Brulee recipe, wanted to do this for soo long, turned out great! 3. Homemade veggie burger, instead of meat I used chickpea falafels. 4.Made New dress for my Etsy store. 
1.Most delicious treat ever, because of it I would never ever be 100% vegan. 2.Another thirft find, super cool painted made in Italy tee. 3. Wearing Asos watch and my favourite curtains dress  4. Berries from my garden, I wish they were all year around, but already they are ending..

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Monday, July 21, 2014

More is Love

Some while ago I discovered (again from Instagram) this superamazing online boutique MORE is LOVE  - they stock different brands which I would say are very very unique, as Im quite bored lately when browsing through all my regular online stores, because it seems that every one of them have the same stuff, and everyone are copy each other, but visiting this store I just feel " woow never seen something like this before" and especially when it comes to their jewellery and accessories!! 

They also make their little lookbook/magazine - and Im really obsessed with the latest one - love the location, it looks like the sculptor's workshop, my godfather is sculptor so all this background reminded me of him, I just love such places, I actually wish I had workshop similar like this, these places are so inspiring. Not to mention the actual clothing pieces, it all together makes me deeply inspired, love!!!

So check them OUT!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brooch in movement

It took me ages to find and remake stencil for this dress, but I did it, yeey !

Wearing : Jewel brooch dress by me, shoes Next.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Curtains dress

 So I call this dress " curtains dress" not because the print reminds me of curtains, but because it is literally made from curtains. Firs of all, you might ask why? Well, I have made some modifications to the sewing pattern, I transformed the plus size top pattern to dress pattern, and I didnt want to ruin my good fabric, if I made some mistake, so i needed some cheap fabric for experimenting with this new pattern. And I didnt actually made any huge mistake, except I should take in more fabric in dress sides, and Im already making the dress from my good, printed fabric. On the other side, I saw in Asos site similar dress, which looked super oversized, so I guess maybe I havent made any mistake at all.
I love that this curtain fabric is 100% cotton, and it was in really good shape, and ofcourse I washed it :D In total it cost me about 5 EUR. Now I will be more often looking for curtain fabrics, because I have seen some really pretty and unique fabrics there.
And most important -  its great for this warm weather which finally is here! 

Wearing: Dress by me, bag Mango, sunglasses Asos, shoes Zara.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

White line

Wearing: Thrifted jeans & cardigan - H&M top - Mango bag - New Look shoes.