Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wine & snow

Wearing: Thrifted coat, jeans and sweater, Mango bag, ASOS sneakers.


So the winter is finally here - not that Im super happy, its very chilly.
Although this coat isnt very thick, its very warm for such kind coat, I actually wish I had snow white coat, I dont know, I quess winter inspires me to dress all white - yess white is currently my favourite color. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter faves

Today I wanted to share some of my latest favourites, which I think are also must have for winter time.
  1. Rive Island sunnies (on sale now - HERE)- wanted the mirrored ones for longest time - actually sunnies in winter are as necessary as in summer, because when there is snow and sun, its even brighter than in summer.
  2. Escada Magnetism EDP fragrance - very wintery scent, sweet and warm. Havent seen this in other blogs or youtube blogs, dont know why it isnt popular, because its really good, maybe its even better that this fragrance isnt popular. But I would suggest you to try it in fragrance shop.
  3. Barry M nail polish (HERE)- just the perfect berry shade, also quite long lasting.
  4. Love this pom pom key chain - its made from fake fur, but looks very real, its from Stradivarius. Little flashlight my father gave me, because in the dark its hard to see where to put key in the car door, so very practical stuff.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Faux silver fox

Wearing: Thrifted coat - River Island jumper dress & sunglasses, BikBok faux leather trousers, Zara boots, ASOS faux fur stole.


Weather is getting colder & colder, so coats are getting longer, and warmer.
Whats very actual in this moment is fur, in my case faux fur. I know that in many latest a/w designer collecions fur is dominating texture, and unfortunately they use real fur, because people who buy this stuff doesnt want anything faux, its under their pride to wear faux, and they think that fur is symbol of wealth and royality. But what they forget is that we doesnt live in middle century anymore we have developed ourselves a lot since then, atleast the most of us, for example we do not watch executing by haging in the city center, because we have grown also mentally & morally, so the question is why so many people still supports the executing of the innocent and pays to their killers. Its not morally acceptable in today world, where you can get literally every kind and color faux fur. And its not true that you get cold in faux fur, I have thick faux fur coat, and it keeps me warm even in -25C. 

Friday, November 14, 2014


1. HERE - 2.HERE - 3.HERE - 4.HERE 5.HERE - 6.HERE - 7.HERE - 8.HERE - 9.HERE - 10.HERE

These are things from the site - I love how interesting and cool are the designs there, this site also inspires me a lot, for example this book clutch, I have idea in my head how to make one, also because I just cant afford most of the stuff, the things are pricey, but I totally understand why, they are so unique and pretty. 
Love Love Love!!!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Bambi print


Today I have little OOTD post, for you. My BF took these photos last week, Im still enjoying the last autumn days, because as I have heard the winter will be here very very soon.

I got this Topshop muff last winter, and I was very drawn to this lovely print. Only one thing that I doesn't like about it  - that is hasn't any zipped pockets, because I remember that my granmother had muff with zip pocket, its very handy, for money and phone, so you actually doesn't need a bag. I have wanting the muff from the day I saw my grandmothers one, basicaly from age 10.
I think it would be worth to make a little zip pocket, for my muff so it's more practical.

Wearing: Thrifted coat, Asos top and necklace, Just Female jeans, Nelly boots, Topshop muff.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

DIY Pom Pom feather earrings

Hello, today I wanted to share with you a DIY idea, I had left to pieces of feather weft, I decided to make the earrings from them.

You will need

  • Two 8cm long chains
  • Two 12cm long feather wefts
  • Two earring hooks
  • Needle, color matching thread, pliers and scissors.
First roll up the feathers and secure with the thread. Then when you have secured the thread, dont cut it, but with the same thread sew the chain with the ball. After that add earring hook to the other end of the chain. 

Thats it, super easy!


Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yesterday I had opportunity to visit H&M showroom and see the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, which will hit the stores on 6th november. The collection include sports wear, basics wear, outwear and accessories. At first the collection looks very sporty, but there are suprisingly many great everyday and even going out pieces, so its very versatile collection, and because of that I like it.
My favourite part about presentation was the photobooth - I have the photos in my instagram - its just such a great idea!
I will say that Im interested in getting couple things, but I will not stand in line at 6th november, 
I can get to the store only on 7.11, and if there will be left something I want I will be happy .