Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ever Conscious

Today is the day H&M Conscious Exclusive collection is available in stores, and Im not able to get there untill next week, Im very optimistic and bit naive and hope that next week there will still be something left for me.. If you have been today in H&M in Riga, Gallerija Centrs, please let me know, does the stuff disappear fast? :) And what did you have bought from collection?

Wearing - H&M Conscious top (gift) - Nasty Gal jacket - Zara pants - ASOS shoes - Ebay necklace.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My MBFWA 14 Runway favourites

Karla Spetic

What I love about this collection is shell prints and different interesting fabrics, and how these are paired with white sneakers.


I must admit the most excited I get when I look at australian designer work, I just love that they always surprises  me, because it is very hard for designer to create something new that wasnt before seen on runways, and Cameo always has something I havent seen before, usually these are very unique patterns for skirts,dresses and jackets. 
And Im starting to love white color and stripes even more!