Friday, June 22, 2012

Some upgraded denim

The first are vintage cut off shorts, and on button is written "work denim" - now these definately will be no longer for work. Got the lace fabric from thrift store sleeveless top, which had this lace on front, and back was from some ugly syntetic fabric, and I just knew that I will not wear that top, but I still loved the lace, and this lace was reason why I got that top. I love that there are some beaded details too. And luckily I had spare plain shorts. Now Im finishing back lace details sewing  - actually it isnt easy and fast job, I would say in total it took me 4 hours to sew the lace on denim - I saw with hand.

Second are also vintage high waisted cut off shorts which I bleached a little bit and studded - nothing very special, just wanted to show you thase too. These are my favorite everyday shorts, because they are very comfortable - its actually quite hard for me to find vintage shorts that fit well.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bloody DIY


 Soo  - a while ago I showed the last photo and said that I have something in mind - studding idea. And it took a while to get the studs, but finally today I did it. 
And honestly, this was literally a bloody DIY, because I stabbed and cut my fingers countless times - Im starting to think that this wasnt very smart idea to put spikes on boots, because I might get some other injuries or stab some other people or pets when wearing these boots - these spikes are really sharp. But for now I will leave them in boots. 
Plus I think I need more shorter studs to fill the gaps, because I had only limited amount of spikes, and it would look better with more spikes.

Have a wonderful day!