Tuesday, November 26, 2013

27.11.2013. 00:27


I will not be original, and will say I have been so busy all november, new job takes all my time, although I love it.

I have started one very cool DIY project (at least I think its cool :D) - I haven't made any DIY for so long time, I hope I can soon finish it and show to you!:)

About my outfit - found this jumper at thrift store in plus size section - I couldn't leave it behind because it reminds me of ones H&M have, just so much cheaper. I just love the oversized look and as there is already below zero degree, its very practical too.

Also wearing - Asos earrings and sunglasses, zara jeans and Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Little story about Jeffrey Campbell boots - I know I have written here that I will never get rid of my JC, that I will wear them until they fall apart - well I changed my mind. First of all I just doesn't wear the boots when I go somewhere, because I can't drive car with them (its too dangerous), secondly, I started to just dislike how they look, and lastly is actually the main reason why I get rid of both JC Litas - its because Im vegetarian for over two months now and I lean towards vegan idea, and I just can't wear boots with cow fur anymore, or even calf skin, I just feel very wrong doing it, so I got rid of other leather boots too. Now Im searching for new high heeled synthetic material boots, and its actually very hard to find, because they are usually in not good quality and the assortment isn't large..so I haven't found anything good yet..


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monthly thrift finds #2

This is very late october thrift finds post - as I had predicted not every month I will have a lot of great stuff to post about - because thrift shopping is all about luck, and I could buy lots of "okay" stuff, but I only buy the things I really love and will wear, thats my main rule when it comes to shopping.
So for october month there is only one thing  - faux fur coat - just for 10.00 $ - really wanted new faux fur coat, thats why I couldnt leave it behind, considering the price. I wasnt fan of this color at first, but Im strating to like this color more and more. Only downside is the size, its UK 14, sooo little bit oversized :D But on other hand its great in winter, because there will be enough space for big chunky jumpers.

Also wearing - Thrifted sweatshirt, Zara jeans, H&M boots, ASOS sunglasses and earrings.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

O Christmas tree, O..

Today I wanted to show you another skirt I made, very recently. Its in very christmasy mood.
Im so into Christmas already - Im searching for gifts at some web shops, and I have found quite nice stuff for my family. Im really obsessed when it comes to getting presents for family, because I would love to get them tons of gifts if could, I just love that present finding process, for others.
Are you getting ready for Christmas already?


Thursday, November 7, 2013


Couple days ago I found the best Burda magazine ever - I want to sew every single piece which pattern is in there. And also I had great discovery when the necklace in photo below was in one of the outfits featured there - love the look of origami, just soo pretty. Its from brand NAMAMI - which is german brand located in Munich.
 And I love the lookbook - just simply beautiful!!