Friday, December 13, 2013


House of Holland skirt - HERE

Hello :)

So this is my long overdue DIY post, and now Im thinking that maybe I should made step by step visual instruction - but this is so easy that I think this time we will do without it very well. 
When I first saw this skirt I was in love - but the price was just too pricey, and this is just too easy to make at home.
Although in original skirt is used thick jersey fabric, I used woolen fabric skirt which already had at home, I got it from thrift store. And my skirt have slits and they are longer than original - so you can make such skirt in fabric and color of your choice.
About feather trim - now I see that I should made bigger pom poms, but oh well I didnt want to make exact copy of HOH skirt.
I just cut the trim in about 10 cm long pieces and connected the ends with hot gun and made the feather trim circles or pom poms, and then sew them on the skirt with needle and thread.
The total cost of this skirt should be under 10.00 GBP if you use thrifted skirt as a base and but trims at your local store.

Also wearing Asos coat and sunglasses, H&M shoes, Zara necklace, thrifted jumper.