Saturday, October 18, 2014

Facts about me

So I managed to make more personal post, Im enjoying when other bloggers and youtubers make the "random facts about me" posts, so I hope you will enjoy this too!:)
  1.  My favourite season is spring.
  2. I adore dogs - whenever I see one on street all my attention is on it, it can be sometimes dangerous, when Im driving the car.
  3. I love do drive car, especially the roads between towns, because then I can drive fast, and its great time to think, I sometimes even forget how I got from point A to B.. :D ok, I exaggerate a little bit.
  4. I love freesia - the smell is everything.
  5. I cant listen to music when Im doing something where I need to think a lot and focus, because music just distract me of thing.
  6. I can listen to almost any kind of music, except the electronic, Skrillex ect.  - such music make me nervous and I just cant stand it longer than 1 minute.
  7. I have learned to play piano, accordion, and guitar.
  8. I wish I had my own raven at home - I dont know why everyone thinks they are evil, I think they are majesctic and wonderful, and because of that I would never ever put this bird in cage, its just my dream, that he would live at my yard.
  9. I dont eat meat for little bit more than a year, it happened gradually through years, when I started feel that its something that make me sick, and now I even hate the smell of it. But I dont call myself vegetarian or vegan, because I sometime eat eggs, dairy products and fish. My goal is to eventually become a vegan.
  10. I can be super lazy and do nothing for days, and then if I have something important to do, I cant stop to doing it even if I want to eat, so I dont know if Im lazy or not.
  11. When I was about 4 years old, our old dog died, and my parents bury it in the forest, I dont know how I knew exact place the dog were, also I new the fairytale where prince kissed the princess and she waked up from dead,so I though that if I would do the same the dog would wake up,  and me and my cousins went there and tried to dig it out with our little hands, fortunately parents found us before we get till dog.
  12. I havent been dancing in club for years, I even dont know if I would remember how to do it.
  13. Im really bad in math, and Im super happy that I still havent had any problems with it, because I barely can calculate anything in my head, Im in like 3. class level in math. :D
  14. If I had to chosse between very how or very cold weather I would choose cold.
  15. When I was little I wanted to become fashion designer.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Teddy coat

So I wanted brown/tan coat for quite some time, and when I found this at Nelly,com I wasnt sure to buy it or not because in website it looked little like  bathrobe. Then I saw it on norvegian blogger Cathinthecity (lately scandinavian blogs inspire me the most, I guess because of simplicity), and I decided to get it because on her it looked much better than in website, because of her styling. So yesss, I really love it, I think it will be great in colder weather, because for now its almost too warm.

Wearing: Nelly teddy coat(HERE) - Asos beanie and bag - Just Female jeans - Jeffrey Campbell shoes, thrifted sweater.