Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Magnificent floor

Well - Three Floor always has the most coolest designs ever - I really think they are genius!
But very often the dresses has so many cut outs that I  must say I couln't dare to wear them..This latest collection has much more wearable dresses, because cutouts are replaced with sheer fabric, and its better than none fabric in my opinion..
My favourites are these three dresses - what else can I say - just perfect.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Sheer flowers

First of all I hope you have wonderful monday! As the spring is on full speed, it should be wonderfull weather everywhere, and that should make everyone happy.

Last week I finally finished the project which I was putting off for very long time. I decided to make such skirt because I won in ebay auction very similar skirt, but the seller send me totally different skir, and didnt answer when I told him that he has made mistake, so at the end I didnt get the skirt I wanted (it was sample sale skirt I dont know the brand, and I have nowhere seen the same), so I had to make something similat myself.
Also this kind of skirt reminds me of something that would make australian brands, and Im obsessed with them.
Only thing  - I think I will alter the skirt shorter - little bit above the knee, because as Im quite short and this midi lenght just doesnt suit me so well.

Also wearing: H&M top,Next heels, Gogo Philip necklace, thrifted green belt with maching green colored hand blister(got it form raker, when cleaned the yard).


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Panels on panels

I made my dream outfit - I loove this blue tone!
Sunglasses-Nasty gal


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lost penguins

I must confess - sweatpants are my all time favorite clothing piece - especially grey ones, Im alway on the hunt for new ones. And I really like how they look and feel with heels - because I feel that heels and sweatpants make tha balance between not so comfy heels and very comfy pants.
And my latest purchase from asos sale - this laptop case form Asos White collection - it doesnt fit my laptop, but I didnt purchase it for laptop, I like it as a clutch bag- love the tweed look, plastic cover and white zip.

Also wearing - Thrifted pants and blouse, Next heels, asos sunglasses, ebay necklace.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Senso Love

Im loving Senso shoes such a long time, unfortunately I havent got any pair form them yet, but thats for now.
I discovered recently that Asos started to sell Senso and I will have no longer search for some australian web stores.
My favourite is the pair with cylinder perspex heel, but actually I think that all of their shoes are just perfect.


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello, finally, it feels like spring, and there are no use for heavy coats anymore.
I embellished this jumper some while ago, it was quite a long work, but now I want to take off these beads, because I dont really like how they look on jumper - and I liked better the jumper without beads..so thats on my to-do-list.
This week sarted very nicely, because I finally received the shoes which I ordered almost month ago from ebay seller - they were brand new from Next, I paid almost the same price as they were at shop, so this wasnt bargain find as I usually find cheap stuff. But I couldnt leve them, because they were sold out at Next website and similar pairs at River Island and Asos are half price up, so this actually was a good deal, only thing - I love the great deals..:D
And Im suprised how comfortable they are, because pumps tend to be one of the most painful shoes.
Now Im off to go for a walk with my dogs outside, because its such a nice weather.
Have a lovely day!!

Wearing - sunglasses Lindex - jumper thrifted + diy- trousers Asos - shoes Next.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage golden

My latest thrift finds - which I really really love>
Vintage versace looking belt (maybe its real, I dont know) I got for less than 1$ - Im actually collecting belts with gold details.
Bag with a lizard detail was about 3$, could'nt leave behind.
Whats your best thrift find ever?


Monday, April 15, 2013


I wanted such skirt for quite some time, but at some point I forgot that I wanted such skirt, and I remembered that only when I found this DIY on other blog.
All you need for this DIY is leather pencil skirt (mine is suede and vintage) in any color, preferable quite tight skirt, because mine are little bit too big.
I will not go into the details Because I saw this DIY on another blog, so it would be stupid if I copy/past all the process. So I will give you the link to the original post HERE . (by the way, really lovely blog).


Friday, April 12, 2013

Almost all black

I must confess - red color never has been my favourite color, ever..But lately I really starting to enjoy it - especially in accessories - I would really like to have the bright red shoes, just must find the perfect pair first. Maybe the red color love started with burgundy, which I liked for quite a long time..

Wearing: thrifted dress shirt, belt; Ebay bag, necklace and shoes, and my favourite Asos sunglasses.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


PHOTOS above from http://statigr.am/shannondesordre

PHOTOS above from http://yvanrodic.com/instagram

So this week I was folowing the instagram feed from Australia fashion week - I was just amazed how awesome are their clothing designers, and I love the street style looks too, because all wears the australian brands, like Josh Goot (at first photo), Karla Spetic, Aje (cream sequined pieces at photos above), Ellery to name few of my favourite brands.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check list

So from now Im making check list for my blog, just to keep on regular posting track - I quess that is the thing what all bloggers do, right?
I took these photos on the new terrace - it will be perfect place for sunbathing, which I will probably start very soon, because sun is shining more often and more warmer.
Tomorrow Im going to the hairdresser - I cant wait, because my hair for some reason is turned very yellowish - I had dark brown and blonde streaks before, and Im guessing that the brown color is faded to yellow...You cant really tell from photos, because I have changed photo saturation, but yess, the hair is in very unflattering tone for me, Im more cool tone person. I hope that there are some hope for my hair, to make them more greyish.

Im wearing - Thrifted belt, top and pants, Ebay shoes, and Asos sunglasses.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresh beginning


Welcome to my freshly baked blog - you will find there my personal style photos, DIY projects, thrift and vintage finds and also my own little label "foxinflora" newest projects.
Also you can find me at Instagram (foxinflora) - I just recently started it, and Im probably one of the last bloggers who did it . But Im posting photos very offten there,and Im even little obsessed with it.

Im wearing: foxinflora dress, sandals from ebay, sunglasses and belt Asos.