Sunday, March 24, 2013


Im huge fan of australian brands, I feel that there are something special about them, sometimes I see a photo and I jsut know that the clothing is from australia..And I would definately wear every single clothing piece form Cameo. You can buy it HERE 
And look - how nice is the model make-up and hair - so perfect!
And these Cameo designs reminded me that I need to finally make skirt with sheer panel, which Im planning to do for months.I feel that there are only two options I must totally quit blogging, or make it serious, because this didnt work, and isnt right to post once in month..Im actually planning to move to other blog, with different name, that means start all form zero. I have tryed to change existing blog name, but it just isnt working - because the blog doesnt shows at google search results, and it just doesnt work. 
Have you tryed to change the blog name? Did everything went well?


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Still my weakness is PRINTS. I got lots of inspiration when looking at these, because there are actually endless possibilities what to "put on fabric" - there are no limits..I have made few fabric prints lately, I really hope that very soon I can get the final product -my new fabrics..My prints are not very innovative, but they are unique..I cant wait to share them with you.

At the photo from left to right - Finders Keepers, Asos, Nasty gal, Finders Keepers.