Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Italy photo diary

So I went to Italy - to Sirmione which was near Garda lake and Verona. Photos are just from Sirmione because in Verona we were actually running through and I dint took any nice photos..Even there in Sirmione I was only few hours and I didnt have time to take as much photos as I thought I would.. Actually all trip wasnt as I imagined it to be, but I dont want to think about bad, so I will stick to good, and will say that the Garda lake is place to definately visit, its just paradise, I hope I will go back there and will stay there much longer than I was this time..
Also I stock up some wine, olives and olive oil, so yeah, Im happy :D

Im wearing: Topshop dress, Asos bag and sunnies, and Pull&Bear sandals.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some Gem DIY

I had sunglasses chain with crosses, and I never reached for it, because I just feel that these two crosses looked somehow too much in that place, I replaced them with few gems which I already had. I think actually such chain is really practical too, because when I take sunglasses off, they just hang on my neck, for that practical reason I decided to remake it. 
Then I started to play a little bit with materials and discovered that these crosses would look nice in earrings, so I made a pair, planning to take these both with me to the trip.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Denim + silk day

Wearing: Thrifted silk shirt and Levi's shorts - Next shoes - Asos sunglasses & watch - BikBok and H&M necklaces.

My favourite combo ever - shirt & Levi's shorts are thrifted - and although I think that these are the must have wardrobe things, I kinda understand why someone would get rid of this shirt - its just the hardest thing to iron it, and after 5 minutes its wrinkly again, but Im not gonna complain, still love it!

On this weekend Im going to Italy - its my first ever real trip - through travel agency and with all the tours with guides, so Im supermega excited! I will try to make a lot and good photos to feed this " blog baby" which had been quite neglected latley...