Monday, June 30, 2014


Soo, this weekend I went for little shopping, nothing much, just the stuff I know I really really like, and will wear all the time.

I forgot to include in photos H&M black sliders - you probably know very well how they look. They are something everyone have, but I coulnt resist, because they were only 14.99 EUR and I really needed black summer shoes, and they look great with everything. Also from H&M is the black bag and wishbone necklace, and all these items was not in sale. I just walked through all the sale stuff and dint like anything, I just dont know what problem I have..Just Im very picky lately..

Little Mango bag I got in sale, and I really hoped that they still has these little bags, because I saw other blogger wearing this bag and I fell in love. They have these also in red and black.

I was very pleasantly suprised when I saw double pearl earrings in Parfois store, wanted them so bad. They also had some necklaces with big pearls, but I didnt like them as much as Zara double pearl necklace, which one ofcourse wasnt in Zara where I went, they had only the bracelet...

There are Sale in all stores, but I was very upset about Zara, because they have only like 10 EUR off all the items, and I dont feel thats its very much considering that H&M and other stores had up to 50% off.. For example if boots were 60 EUR that now they are 50 EUR, seriously, for seasons Sale, its just funny..I wanted some new shoes from Zara, but when I saw the " sale" prices, didnt buy anything. I remember that I saw in Instagram that black ankle strap shoes in Zara costs only 10 GBP in UK, and there in Latvia the same shoes where 30 EUR, I think its not cool, because why treat customers in one country like they are stupid and dont know what they doing in other country, not fair, to say at least.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

100% QooQoo silk

New QooQoo collection is collarboration with Latvian Decorative arts & Design Museum  made from 100% silk. Pure uniqueness and beauty!!
My favorites are in the last photo - top and skirt!
You can and must check out the whole collection at their store HERE


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dreaming of ....

I miss sea, I want to enjoy warm summer evening and beautiful sunset at seaside, and I have a plan how to get it, hope it will come true.

First two photos are Keepsake editorial from and the third is photo from Victorias Tornegren blog, its Ibiza beach sand, so pretty pink color.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I have started to sew again - top and clutch are just few of things which will be soon available at my Etsy store.

I wish I could hire a seamstress, but no I have to sew all the stuff by myself, which Im not bad at, only Im soo lazy lately, its just insane...

Also wearing Just Female jeans, and Asos shoes - the ones that I was waiting for couple month to come back in stock in my size...


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Longest day

Happy Midsummer !!!

Today is the shortest night and the longest day of year, and the summer officially begins!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


1.Peonies finally bloom at my home garden. 2. Love this Monki suit 3. Monki flowers + some flowers for floral crowns 4. Made gazpacho soup, great for summer.
 1.Summer sky 2.Love this green wall 3.Me & my BF made some pizza 4.My summer favourites - New Look shoes, Monki top, Levi's shorts, Asos sunglasses and some nice book.
1.Some flowers at my home.  2.OOTD details - Asos bag & watch. 3.Latest thrift find- Next embellished dress, pic doesnt do the justice. 4. Some floral crowns I made for wardrobe cleaning market Andele-Mandele.

I have to admit that I make posts more often in instagram than there on blog, so if you like you can find me on instagram as foxinflora.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer peace

Lately Im just enjoying the lovely summertime weather. I took these photos on weekend while spending time at my home.
Wearing Topshop kimono, my latest thrift find, for only !!0.80!!  EUR.
Hope you have great weather and wonderful mood too!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The perfect Print

 When I first saw this Monki floral suit on Asos I just had to have it - I dont know why, but there was available for purchase only the sweatshirt, I bought it and waited at least a week when the trouser was available, now the trousers are pretty much sold out.
Ohh, this is such a pretty print, and its 100% cotton, which Im always looking for.