Monday, June 29, 2015

Levi's jeans DIY video


I made these destroyed jeans in january - and never took ootd photos with them because I had special plan for them.. And after 5 months I finally did my little project(not that it was hard - I just kept forgetting about it). Its a Youtube video, please dont be too harsh on criticizing, because its my first ever video I have made (I already see some things I would do different). And I must say one thing - I do enjoy the process of video editing as well as directing it too :D Because of that there is coming another little video very soon.

About jeans - I bougt them at thrift shop, they cost under 2 EUR, don't remember exact price - its actually really hard to find Levi's jeans or shorts that fit nice around waist & hips,because they are vintage and the fit is " different"  and these jeans doesnt have the best fit too, but I still like them.

Also wearing: New Look top - Next heels - Asos sunnies - jacket - H&M necklace.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Friend of Mine - roller girl

Shoes - Finders Keepers ,  Romper - Friend of Mine, Bag - Stela 9, Sunglasses - Karen Walker, Earrings - Stella and Bow

OMFG just discovered this amazingness - they call this romper "snow leopard", but to me its totally dalmatian print.. and as I miss my little spotty puppy so so much..she died about two months ago :( 
 Only thing its bit pricey in my eyes, but its 100% silk and I need it in my life so bad, I hope I will get it somehow.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Wowowo Elements SS15

Today I wanted to share with you latest collection of Latvian brand Wowowo which includes bowties & neckties.
How they describe the collection:

The collection “Elements” was inspired by diverse and magnificent nature of Latvia. The collection introduces a new perspective on four elements; the design of the accessories features the Wind, the Stone; the Sea and the Coal."

I see these accessories as really great gifts, as the Midsummer is very close I think it would be very unique and cool gift for all friends and relatives whose name is Jānis. And of course not ony them. I see this collection more like mens thing, and I think its great that somebody doesn't forget men and make such a wonderful printed accessories for them, good job.

Also check out their Website, because they have something girly too :)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yes Bae

On me: Blazer Fashion Union via Asos - Dress - Shoes New Look

Mirror mirror on the wall who the badest of them all.. 
Like its precisely month after my last post here.. I thought maybe I should delete the blog, but I just can't even I neglect it, I still love it in some way, dunno, just bear with me.. :)

Got this dress from, I dont use word " bae" in my dictionary, and I have seen that many dislike this word or something, I just loved the fact its quite simple, grey color and I love the material. I will probably wear it more with some white trainers or slip ones.

Plan to sunbath next couple days, I hope the weather finally will be as good as they say. Cant wait to get rid of that paleness..And I have ordered one gradual tanning product which have really good reviews, I think I might share my opinion about it later, because its quite actual topic.