Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Only few days ago I discovered this swedish shoe brand Jennie-Ellen. At first glance, the shoes look like  - "yap, I have seen very similar there, or there" - but in reality its quite hard to find "the perfect shoe" - usually if I like some shoe, there is some details that I dont like about them, or they are sold out, or everybody and their mom has this shoe. And thats the main reason why I like this brand, because its something quite new, and not so popular - and I like that.
Also - the plus is that this is Europe based brand - I really like Tony Bianco(Australian brand), which has similar style sandals, but then we must face the customs fuss..There is only one huge BUT, the Jennie-Ellen currently doesnt ship outside Sweden, but they say they are planning to do this - SO im patiently waiting...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daisy on Navy


As you maybe have noticed I have some love for vintage stuff, but Im also very picky, at the past I took all the vintage stuff which had pretty prints on them, but now I take only the stuff which is really werable.
Talking about this dress, at first it wasnt werable for me, because it has midi lenght and that kind of lenght in full dresses looks very akward on me..So I cut it shorter, and that really made a whole lot difference. I really love the white details which are sewn on front and on arms. So Im very happy with this find, I dont know why but lately its more harder to find nice vintage stuff and dresses - maybe because I have become too picky..


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New in MY Etsy

Ohh,gosh - this skirt came so long. First of all I couldnt find the right pattern/stencil, then I couldnt decide should I put this black non strechy fabric on back or not, because I was not sure how comfortable the skirt would be..but finally I made it, and I love how this skirt turned out, I can definately say that my sewing skills are improving with every piece I make.
And honestly I dont want to sell this skirt, but I know that I will not wear it as often, and there is no point to just keep it in my closet..
So yes, I have put it in my Etsy shop..
Im really enjoying this designing and sewing process, and I need more fabric, which I cant afford right now, but I hope I can order some cool printed fabrics very soon, so I can dive into this creative process again.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Call me copycat if you want

Hello, lovelies!!
So the copycat story is about this braided hair necklace  - In the past I had received a comment that Im copycat because I have made such necklace which is very similar to the desingns of Biba Ripa. Well - I know that its not my idea, and Im not hiding it - I wanted this neclace for very long time, and when I realized that I could make it myself, I did it. I just dont understand these people who think that Im some kind of thief, or that Im doing something terrible (there are so many designers inspired DIY's, I will not start to count) - there are large companys who steal designer work and reproduce it in thousands - Im not doing that, this is just some DIY work, which I made because I was very inspired and love this idea of hair necklace. So yeah - call me copycat if you want, I know what Im or what Im not at the end.

About outfit - Love this feather print blouse and swan print pants - they just match perfectly! I got both of them at thrift shop. And the belt is vintage.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Navy blue - OOTD*

Thrifted jacket, New Look shoes, Top - ellinelledaydreams, trousers H&M.

Even though this outfit looks like I was trying hard to mach everything - actually all came together without thinking, and then I looked at the mirror and saw that almost everything is navy blue.
*The center piece of this OOTD is the top which I won at giveaway.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Checked snake

Woohoo - I finally can say that the warm and sunny spring finally came - today I was even sunbathing in shorts, but I hope that very soon I can do that with bikini - I really want the tan - Im so white that I reflect the sun..
I think this top will be the most worn thing this summer - its vintage from Aquascutum of London - it just goes with soo many things. Even with these skirt - two totally different prints, but somehow work together.

Also wearing - Gina Tricot skirt, Asos mirror heel shoes, jewellery from ebay.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Druzy

I have been in love with all kind of gem stones like agate, druzy, citrine e.c. for quite some time, at least couple years.
This necklace is my lates find - I dont really like the ornament on the larger stone, I tried to cut it off with my jewellery making pliers, but the silver is just too strong, I would need some stronger tool - on the other hand, I dont want to ruin the necklace, so will see, maybe I will leave it as it is..