Thursday, June 20, 2013


Tomorrow is the official Midsummer day. There are many Midsummer celebration traditions and magic rituals in Latvia, one of them says:

"In midsummer evening girl must in total silcene, without talking, pick 99 flowers, and go to the crossroads and braid the crown, and then go home and put the crown under the pillow, whoever will come for the crown in dreams, that will marry her."

Do you celebrate the Midsummer in your country, if yes, what kind of traditions do you have?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Open air Vintage festival report

 Last saturday was the festival, where people was selling vintage, handmade and recent clothing and accessories. This festival usually take place two times in year in winter and summer, and I always participate in summer edition - this was my third time.
 At that moment when I took the photos I didnt notice ( I was in hurry) this lovely purse with gold pineapple and other studs - too bad, because its so lovely, I would love to have it..

 I made some floral crowns, but I should have made more - because I sold them very quickly..I just didnt know that people will like them, plus I knew that other sellers will have some crowns too, so I thought that there is possible that people will buy other crowns more..well next time i will be better prepared..


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saaremaa trip

 Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia, located in Baltic sea.

 This coast line is almost in heart shape..almost..
 It wonder what could been written there..? "Drink me" :)
 Kuressaare castle  - the best preserved medieval castle in Estonia. There were so much to see inside it..

 In Saaremaa there was many really nice art shops and antique stores - and as their stuff was really amazing it was also really expensive, so I dint buy anything - but I got a lot of inspiraton.
 I want soo bad such lions at my home yard ..
And just the landscapes there are amazing, I highly recomend to go there, at least once!:)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


wearing: thrifted dress and belt, D.Co Copenhagen shoes, Ebay necklace.

Lately I feel that all my live is so knotted, not only the dress..But I guess its just normal, everyone has these times.
And without knots life would be boring, as this dress were boring and didnt looked right before I made the knot...