Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Im so tired of winter, that I dont even want to take outfit posts outside, its still a lot of snow outside, and it was snowing today too.. I was a bit skiing when there was below zero degrees, but now the snow is too sticky to ski.. Sometimes I just madly wish I lived in Australia, or Arizona, Texas US.

So, I think Im not the only one who dreams of warm spring days already ( I think will need to wait atleast 2 month)  - so Im already planning what to wear :D Got this oversized shirt couple years ago, and never got to wear it outside the home, it such a shame - its hard to find what to wear underneath it, this option is ok (its slip from Topshop, but I dont like that its bodycon type), but must find something better, maybe need to get one of these slip mini dresses which you can wear alone, but I would wear it as actual slip....And need to get one for the black shirt dress too which I also got from thrift shop, I actually feel that shirt dresses will be my favourite this s/s season.