Monday, September 29, 2014

Two blues

Today I looked into my closet and discovered that these pants and jumper are in such a similar shades, I wonder how I realized it only now because I love to dress in similar shades, I love to paint nails in similar shades, and I love to organize my closet by shades!
Also, Im not fan of matching shoes and bag, but this time it just feels so right..

Wearing: Jumper thrifted - Pants Zara - Bag Mango - Shoes Next - Watch Asos - Necklace Ebay.

P.S Excuse my photo quality - I dont know what to blame - the gloomy weather and bad lighting, the editing programm or the blogger ruined the photos, Im thinking the most likely it is the last one. Or maybe its in my head, but I really feel that when I edited the photos they looked different than now in blog.. I even tried to use but didnt see much difference. 
Have you noticed something similar with your photos?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 1.Beautiful flower from my home garden. 2.Made some pretty price tag paper for market where I could sell out my wardrobe.3. Tile from my work. 4. Some of the stuff I took with me to Italy.

1.Beautiful Garda lake, in Italy. 2.Rowan - great for health. 3. Some spagetti with spinach & raspberries, great combo. 4. Latest ootd.

1.Some shoeselfie in Czech Republic2.Palm in Italy - dont know why but I was megahappy to see them everywhere 3.Another beautiful location in Italy 4.Gelato madness in Italy.

1.Roses in Austria 2.Amazing " flower house" in Italy. 3.Did some watercolor painting. 4.Just some of my current work.

You can find me @foxinflora


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainy colors

So this outfit is inspired by todays gloomy and rainy day. Actually I really love how these Just Female jeans looks with the Nelly knit jumper, just the colors goes tohether so well, love! 

Also great stuff about this jumper is that it was on sale for just !!4.50 EUR!! I was really suprised, because its quite a heavy knit, plus the material is really good, its cotton and poly mix, instead of these 100% acrylic ones, which in my opinion are just terrible in cold weather, unless you like to be hit by electricity by touching all the metal stuff, just hate that feeleing, I get electricity current even if Im wearing some wool stuff, and its especially bad when I touch the car.. But still I kinda miss the cold weather!

Wearing: Nelly jumper & boots - Just Female jeans - ASOS bag - Gina Tricot necklace - DIY earrings.


Friday, September 5, 2014


I had my first ever order, and this is my favourite item from it - I saw these boots in Victoras Tornegren blog wishlist and I went to and discoverd that these are really affordable although in my opinion they look more expensive and they have just the perfect shape. 

I was searching for quite a while boots like these, and somehow couldnt find them - because other really important thing for me is that I choose to buy non leather shoes, if I can, I own few leather ones, but Im always superhappy to find some nice faux leather ones.

I ordered other stuff from them too, and I really want to do at least two outfit posts including items from this order, fingers crossed that next week my BF will help me with photographing, he is my only hope..

You can find the boots HERE .