Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Will miss the flowers

Wearing: Thrifted top & shorts, Missguided heels, Mango bag.


So it looks like summer is over, or very soon it definitely will be when the first frost hits the ground.
I feel a little sadness, but not too much because there is a trip to warmer place ahead, so I hope for me summer will be longer than usually. 

Really want to make more photos for blog ( but my lazyness is stopping me), and I think about making some new youtube videos, actually I have made one, but need to refilm it, because its kinda awful :D Ok its not so bad, but it has too many mistakes..I want to speak english in my videos, because I know how frustrating is to find youtube channel which seems interesting but they speak in language I dont undestand, so I feel that if I spoke in english it would be much better.. But it just hard and funny at the same time - will see, if the second try will turn out better I will let you know ;)

I hope your summer was awesome, and full of adventures!



  1. Es saprotu kapec mazliet skumjas. Jums vasra tiesam sogad ziedeja, lai gan neuzreiz, bet tomer bija tik siltas nedelas LV. Mums ne grama no ta, lidz ar to nav nekadu nozelu vai gaidu. Ta vien liekas, kas bus, tas bus. Bet cik jauki, ka celojums vel prieksa. Par video, nesatraucies, kas dara, tas kludas un no kludam macas. Lai veicas un gaidam! Ka vienmer izskaties briniskigi un ta maza miliga somina ir viens briniskigs atradus. Tik man iesavas prata jautajums: ko tur var ielikt? Es vienmer par daudz nesaju, tikai ar mazas pukainas crossbody bag atnaksanu mana pasaule ir iestajies minimalisms ari soma- telefons,maks,lupukrasa,spogulits. Tas man ir pats pats minimums.
    Lai jauks ir Septembris!!


  2. Such a cute top! I would love to see your videos! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash