Tuesday, September 8, 2015

H&M beauty

Last weekend I ran into H&M for some last minute holiday buys. And was nicely surprised that there was H&M beauty stuff (something totally new in latvian H&M), I was feeling kinda reserved, because some long time ago when I was in Sweden I got eyeshadows from them and didnt like it, but I decided to give a try again and got orange-red lip liner, which actually is really resistant, at one point it even scared me when I tried to rub off swatches from my hand, but with makeup remover it comes off quickly. In the photos Im wearing same color lipstick on top, the liner is really matt, I wanted to wear it wihout lipstick, but it isnt good feeling. 
But overall I was really impressed with H&M makeup collection, and will definitely buy more.


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