Sunday, July 5, 2015

CW Transformation


Today I want to tell you story about the dress. About Carin Wester dress - I bought the maxidress quite long time ago, maybe you remember when I posted it on Instsagram. It was truly magical dress, yes it was, because it isnt anymore. Not that I didnt like it, its just that I dont go to red carpet events so often, actually I never go to red carpet events, the original maxi dress was floor length when I wear heels, so I couldnt wear it without heels..The fact is I could never wear it.

 And then I decided to make some wear of this lovely printed piece, I will cut the dress shorter, and from the leftover fabric I will make top - and so did I. There you can see it - turned out quite nicely, as I wanrted. And most important I can wear it everyday, and the shorter dress I also can wear actually somewhere.

And the last thing, but not the least - little Youtube video with this OOTD.



  1. fantastiski.... my kind of girl.... es jau maziņa visas mammas nevalkātās kleitas sagriezu, tagad žēl, bet ja kkas nevalkājas, pārtaisot aiziet uz urrā.... īpaši denim šorti.... video patika, tāda forša jauna pieeja.... skatos meklē dažādas izteiksmes formas... ak, es arī :) x

    1. Jā man arī žēl ka sagriezu dažas mammas kleitas..un svārkus :D Bet es domāju ka vajag ļauties radošajām izpausmēm, ja ir tāda vēlēšanās :)

  2. Wow! I love your shoes, very cool outfit.
    I blog about jewelry and how to style jewelry with outfits, tell me what you think.

  3. Es nemūžam nebūtu iedomājusies, ka tas topiņš ir bijusi daļa no kleitas! Tava izdoma strādā fantastiski! :)
    Ļoti foršs video- man vienmēr patīk redzēt kā tērps izskatās kustībā!