Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yes Bae

On me: Blazer Fashion Union via Asos - Dress - Shoes New Look

Mirror mirror on the wall who the badest of them all.. 
Like its precisely month after my last post here.. I thought maybe I should delete the blog, but I just can't even I neglect it, I still love it in some way, dunno, just bear with me.. :)

Got this dress from, I dont use word " bae" in my dictionary, and I have seen that many dislike this word or something, I just loved the fact its quite simple, grey color and I love the material. I will probably wear it more with some white trainers or slip ones.

Plan to sunbath next couple days, I hope the weather finally will be as good as they say. Cant wait to get rid of that paleness..And I have ordered one gradual tanning product which have really good reviews, I think I might share my opinion about it later, because its quite actual topic.



  1. Šādu vārdu nekad nebija nācies satikt... smt like - my boo????? Nedzēs blogu ārā:( bet ko es te daudz varu pateikt, es to visu laiku daru un reāli neredzu tādu īstu jēgu, bet par dažiem vienmēr liels prieks, kad parādās kāds ieraksts, lai arī cik reti tas nebūtu... mqn ļooooti patīk kā pelēks ar sarkano kopā spēlējas

    1. Jā tas pats kas boo, babe, baby, re ku viens skaidrojums no urban dictionary :D - Word used by ghetto people to address their significant other because they have found themselves too lazy to pronounce the entire word "babe".
      "Welcome home, bae"
      Tur ir daudz diezgan smieklīgi skaidrojumi šim vārdam :)