Monday, June 15, 2015

Wowowo Elements SS15

Today I wanted to share with you latest collection of Latvian brand Wowowo which includes bowties & neckties.
How they describe the collection:

The collection “Elements” was inspired by diverse and magnificent nature of Latvia. The collection introduces a new perspective on four elements; the design of the accessories features the Wind, the Stone; the Sea and the Coal."

I see these accessories as really great gifts, as the Midsummer is very close I think it would be very unique and cool gift for all friends and relatives whose name is Jānis. And of course not ony them. I see this collection more like mens thing, and I think its great that somebody doesn't forget men and make such a wonderful printed accessories for them, good job.

Also check out their Website, because they have something girly too :)



  1. man 'loti patīk otrajā bildē meitenes krekls...lūk tādā jāņus svinēt wowowowow.... izskatās pēc indras miklāvas vienu no krekliem.... tauriņi ar patīk... vispār visas vīru lietas mani kkā vairāk uzrunā....

    1. Jā man arī "iekrita acīs" tie krekli, ļoti interesants dizains.

  2. love the bow tie!

  3. Šāds tēls (precīzāk paši tauriņi) man tik ļoti iet pie sirds, noteikti jāiečeko wowowo piedāvājums! :)