Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mono - shoes

Wanted to share my latest purchases & these are my latest favourites too.

I have been on hunt for the everyday high heel boots for ages - the thing is I wanted the boots with this kind of sole, so I can wear them in winter, and walk on snow & ice without slipping, but all these 90's boots with mega platform wasnt in my taste, I wanted something with less platform. And when I saw these Monki boots in Asos, I bought them right away. In person, unfortunately, they are more chunky than they look in photo, but I think I will still wear them. Most important, they are very comfy.

White heels are from Missguided, I got them from ebay - first strappy white sandals I saw in Australian street style photo, and since then I dreamt about them, because love how they make blue jeans & grey top outfit 100 times chic, and in fact any simple look.

My shoerack looking quite monochromatic right now, the black & white colors are dominate. On one hand I feel that thats bit boring, on other side its good feeling that every single pair of shoes are super versatile and go with 99% of my wardrobe.



  1. Balts un mels galīgi nesaistās ar ko garlaicīgu, vismaz man. Tikai par sevi pārliecināta sieviete var vilkt baltu, kad vien vēlas, bet kopā melns un balts - šiki!


    1. Nu jā varbūt mazliet neprecīzi ir teikt ka melnbalts ir garlaicīgi, vnk man ļoti patī krāsainas kurpes, un paskatoties skapī pirmā doma kas ienāk prātā ir ka tur nav nekā aizraujoša.. :)

  2. Abi tik lieliski apavu pāri!!! :)