Wednesday, March 18, 2015



Finally Im coming out of my hibernation phase, maybe it isnt as warm to wear this dress, but I really wanted to make post about it.

I recently ordered couple things from, because they had sale and free shipping when you spend over 40 AUD.. I just wanted for ages to get something from Australian brands, because Im obsessed with their stuff. So I got this Finders Keepers " We are nowhere" dress and other camo print dress from Jaggar, which I hope will incorporate in outfit post soon.

I feel that this dress will be my go -to dress for summer, I love that it has slits on both sides, because it makes it more comfy, I hate when brands make maxi dresses without slits and when you walk you have to step little steps like geisha...Only thing I need to shorten it, because without heels it is bit too long, and I will probaby wear it without heels in summer.

Hope you have great mood in such a lovely spring weather!!


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