Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September thrift favourites # 1

I have decided to make new blog series, actually I have never had any series before, and I think that it would be nice to have something like that on my blog, its something very similar to youtube Monthly favourites videos( love watching those). And as I really love thrift shopping, it will be easy for me to do these series, although there might be some months with zero thrift finds, because I cant be always very lucky and find great stuff, but I hope I will..:)
So for the September I have few things, that I have wanted for quite some time, and I know I will use them a lot, plus all this suff was suprisingly cheap.

The belts (btw, my BF found them for me, otherwise I just didnt see them):
Rope belt - I think it would look great  with so many things.
Metal plate belt - love that its in nude color, I ordered similar belt form Asos, but also with spikes, and as Im over spike trend, I have sold it, and Im so happy that now I have the perfect one.
Best part about both of these belts arr The Price. Total: 1.00$( yes, one dollar)

The deep ocean blue top - fist my attention grabbed the embellished sleeves, there are many sea shells on them. Then I saw that the label is Reiss, its very rare to find this brand in thrift shops, and even harder to find stuff in perfect condition - but this is in great condition, I would say its brand new. And the price was great too, considering its from Reiss - 5.00 $

Boots I got from latvian Online shop , where girls sell out their wardrobes, Im selling stuff there too, but this was first time I bought something. These boots were brand new and cost only 20.00$ - I really needed some everyday boots, but I couldnt find anything I liked, and with the price tag I like. These boots are from H&M, I think from last  Fall'12 stock, but I think they still look very on trend.

Im not going thrift shopping every day, although I wish I could. And if I could there would be much more great finds, but I try to control myself and buy only stuff I love and will wear, because I have learnt through many years of thrift shopping that otherwhise things just sit in my closet and I dont wear them.

I hope you like this post!:)



  1. Briniskiga jauna serija ar postiem.Gaidisu nakamo ar nepacietibu! Tavi atradumi tiesam ir fantastiski. Vienmer nopriecajos. Ja, Less is more. Tam es piekritu.
    Lai veicas turpmak!

    xoxo Ra


  2. man loti patiktu shaadas seerijas...taa spoguljostina omg, es taadu gribeetu ljoooooti...par spikes piekriitu, nu visur, gribas teikt, kad kkas nonaak maistreem ha ha ha, es nevaru atrast savaadaak kaa pateikt, visa veertiiba pazuud, nu vismaz uz kaadu briidi negribas, jo visur kur skaties spaiki spaiki spaiki :-)

  3. I've really fell in love about the belts, specially the rope version! It's so gorgeous and stylish!


  4. ♥ BEAUTIFUL, i love those things!

  5. Ak , Anete , tik kolosālas Lietas par tādu naudu , woow , man ari patīk īsts bargain un ja vēl tik unikālas Lietas , varu garantēt ka šīs lietinas Tev noteikti nepazudīs skapī bet tiks valkātas un valkātas ..