Monday, October 21, 2013

Gemstone print skirt


Sooo, after almost month, I finally made one skirt, but so many more different pieces I need to make..Not that I work slowly, the problem is that I cant push myself to work..Also I hope I will finish another skirt very soon, so I can get my hands on dresses, I love dresses, they will be especially chiclooking from my gem printed fabrics. Only ..I wish I had a seamstress, in other words  -I wish I could hire such people, then all the stuff would be finished much more faster...



  1. Svārki.. Vienkārši neatkārtojami! Ļoti, ļoti patīk. Un koptēls kā tāds, ļoti elegants, man ļoti patīk! :)

  2. Soon as i saw this skirt,I loved it,the print is gorgeous,and then I read that you made it?! Incredible it looks so luxe,chic and expensive! I love your personal style,Im a new fan :) x

  3. so beautiful!!!

  4. Hola!! te invito a leer mi blog y que me des tu opinión!! :) gracias.