Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Basic Americana

All thrifted everything on me. The recent find are these Levi's jeans - only thing they are little too big for me and looks very bulky on me, I think I will turn them into shorts, and then they will look better.  But I really like them, the color is nice.
Lately Im really into simple stuff, and minimal looks aka. swedish style.
My closet is so full with things that looks nice, but I doesn't wear them, and they doesn't go together with my other stuff, so Im planning to do huge clearout, just need to wait for some market (like in other countrys there is fleamarket or carboot sales) where I can sell them, I could do an online sale, but I dont like the shipping hassle, so actual market would be much better. Hopefull it will be on january of february, like last years. Or if I cant wait for market maybe I will just donate all.
Also Im planning to do a thrift haul video soon, because lately I have find some nice stuff, and most important very versatile and basic stuff, of course there are something not basic too, so stay tune for that. :)



  1. negriez par šortiem... es pusi savas garderobes atdotu par šādām biksēm.... ļoti ļoti skaisti... ļoti....

    1. No priekšpuses šajā bildē izskatās ok, bet no sāniem gan daudz par nu es vēl padomāšu, jo šortus jau tāpat tagad ziemā nenēsātu :)

  2. AAA šīs džinsu bikses :)) Un vispār viss tēls kopumā man ļoti ļoti patīk. :)

  3. looks cool! really looks nice in you!