Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hypocritical fuzz


This is one of these outfits where I have mixed feelings on wearing it. On one hand I really love grey color, for longest time, and I love this skirt wich I made inspired by House of Holland maribou pom pom skirt. I bought this feather string in fabric store & skirt is thrifted. But now when I have learnt so much about the cruel animal torturing industry and I try to not buy any leather products, not even talking about the fur,  I feel kinda hypocritical wearing these feathers. Maybe thats why this skirt have been in my closet all this time.
I will blame House of Holland, that they made me buy feathers and make this skirt. :D
But if seriously, I will probably keep this skirt and wear it sometime too, because I cant change what I have done, but I believe that I can make better choices in the future.

Also wearing: Jacket & Boots - Thrifted jumper - Mango bag - Asos faux fur keychain -  Cheap Monday sunnies.



  1. Absolutely stunning! x

  2. Wow, bildes ir lieliskas - tāds casual/city feeling! :)
    No augšas līdz apakšai izskaties satriecoši - kas to būtu domājis, ka pelēks pelēkā kombinācijā var tik lieliski izskatīties un izcelties!

  3. Great style! :)
    we follow,greetings