Monday, June 30, 2014


Soo, this weekend I went for little shopping, nothing much, just the stuff I know I really really like, and will wear all the time.

I forgot to include in photos H&M black sliders - you probably know very well how they look. They are something everyone have, but I coulnt resist, because they were only 14.99 EUR and I really needed black summer shoes, and they look great with everything. Also from H&M is the black bag and wishbone necklace, and all these items was not in sale. I just walked through all the sale stuff and dint like anything, I just dont know what problem I have..Just Im very picky lately..

Little Mango bag I got in sale, and I really hoped that they still has these little bags, because I saw other blogger wearing this bag and I fell in love. They have these also in red and black.

I was very pleasantly suprised when I saw double pearl earrings in Parfois store, wanted them so bad. They also had some necklaces with big pearls, but I didnt like them as much as Zara double pearl necklace, which one ofcourse wasnt in Zara where I went, they had only the bracelet...

There are Sale in all stores, but I was very upset about Zara, because they have only like 10 EUR off all the items, and I dont feel thats its very much considering that H&M and other stores had up to 50% off.. For example if boots were 60 EUR that now they are 50 EUR, seriously, for seasons Sale, its just funny..I wanted some new shoes from Zara, but when I saw the " sale" prices, didnt buy anything. I remember that I saw in Instagram that black ankle strap shoes in Zara costs only 10 GBP in UK, and there in Latvia the same shoes where 30 EUR, I think its not cool, because why treat customers in one country like they are stupid and dont know what they doing in other country, not fair, to say at least.



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