Monday, January 13, 2014

New in

I havent updated my blog for some while, I just have something like creative crisis, because all I do is work, and yes, I guess I must learn to manage my time better, so I have time for other stuff I love to do.
I have been shopping lately little bit more than usually, and I wanted to share with you with some of the things I love, and these all are from different places.

The black top is thrifted - I found it in plus size clothing section, but it fit very good. It remind me of something australian labels would make, but its from River Island.

Boots I got recently from Zara sale - I wanted the simple black boot for such a long time, and my goal was to buy only faux leather boots, but I just couldn't find anything I got these, and I feel a bit guilty about that.

Hat is from Nasty Gal - I recently ordered my first ever Nasty Gal order, and there was also other stuff I bought from them, which I will show you in some outfit posts. I really wanted a fedora hat, but I guess I must keep searching, because this hat is a little bit big for my head, and I think I will have to sell it - I put it in this photo because it would look really nice with this top and boots, and some ripped-knee jeans.



  1. ahaa nebiji gan maniita, pamaniiju un pat piedomaaju... shis viss man kopaa izskataas perfekti.....cepures gan pati neneesaaju, bet shaadu gribeetu, ko liidziigu....tops es vienmeer peerku lielaakus topusun ha ha haa tici netici parasti sanaak tieshi no river island....size 14 ir ideaals.......par iepirkshanos - man kkaa nesanaak, negribas pilniigi neko....jociigi...aa nu kurpes ir cits staasts, bet vairs jau nedriikst - jo nekad nekur neeju, ja eju, tad ahaaa vieni un tie pasha melni puszaabacinji....takshto uzskatu tavi pirkui sheit nebuus kas meetaajas pa skapi

    1. Ja godīgi, tajā dienā kad biju Alfā, un staigāju pa veikaliem, arī bija tā ka neko negribējās pirkt, jo vnk nekas nebij tāds kad to ieraugu un skaidri zinu ka neiešu prom bez tās lietas, jo tik ļoti patī vienīgi Zarā bija viskaut kas ņemams, un bija jāizsver ko tiešām vajag un ko pārējos veikalos vnk izskrēju cauri jo nekas neiekrita acīs..
      Man arī sanāk ļoti reti iet uz kaut kādām ballēm, kur vajag kurpes, bet es viņas tāpat pērku, ar domu ka vajag atrast un ieplānot pasākumus kur viņas uzvilkt.. :D

  2. great shopping!Good the day!)


  3. Zābaciņi iekrituši manā sirsniņā, hehe. Lieliskas lietas esi iepirkusi!

  4. I absolutely love nasty gals stuff,I literally love it all,all so cool and very fashionable and young,so very jelous of your purchase :) I absolutely love the necklace too,its beautiful,I love the colours of the stones. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,hope your well x

  5. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  6. Love the details on the shirt, cute necklace too :)


  7. Love love love this black singlet!!! Awesome style lady!!


  8. you've got some really lovely new pics! :)