Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sometimes there are too many shadows..

wearing: CUBUS vest, Zara pants, Next heels, Asos watch, Ebay necklace.


Yesterday I went for some shoping therapy - (like if I wasnt doing it almost every day lately..) and found some stuff that I was wanting for quite some time - like this faux leather vest - I wanted for so long, for more than a year, but never found the right one - well yesterday I found and bought two of these, in black and white, because I think they are so versatile to throw over some sweatshirts, jumpers,tshirts  or even coats or faux fur coats.
Also I got these pants, in supercool print - in Zara and they were the last ones, in my size, I was superhappy. Oh and all these three items were on sale, so I saved quite some money too.

 I found this quote recently at twitter, and it has stuck in my head- 
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine". ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
So true...



  1. Ļoti patīk outfits! Arī es labu laiku esmu ādas vestes meklējumos- bez panākumiem. Būs jāieskrien Cubus'ā, jo šī ir vienkārši fantastiska!!

  2. Oh, loti patik viss looks. Es jau biju piemirsusi par CUBUS, sen neesmu bijusi LV un kur nu vel shopping. Briniskigi atradumi. Tiesi ta ir ka tu saki vestes ir so versatile.Es to sapratu ar savu camo vesti un tad kad ieraudziju balto lether uz sale nedomajot panemu,tagad esmu meklejumos melnas vestes :) Tava ir fantastiska. Loti patik ari baltas pumps. Gribas jaunas kurpes un tiesi pumps, bet tur kur ir sanacis uzmest aci nav. Godigsakot nav bijis laika ari ta kartigi shoppingot.Ieskerju viendien pec basics un tad uzgaju paris jaunumus. Forsi, ka sanak atrast tiesi to ko gribas.
    Jaukas brivdienas!

    xoxo Ra

  3. I am OBSESSED with this look, you really manage to take some crazy pants and make it look so incredibly cool. Following your blog, all your looks are honestly amazing! xx AtYourHeels

  4. in love with this outfit, especially that leather jacket x

  5. cik lielisks un vienreizejs outfits un loti loti patik tava variacija par temu Shadows ..

  6. Awesome!!
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    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)