Thursday, July 4, 2013

Far far away


At this moment Im soo far from home - more than 1000 km - Im in Norway, and I will stay there untill the end of the month..But already I have homesickness...And also I will not blog very often this month, I will post more stuff on Insagram.
I wore this very casual outfit to the movies, when I was still in Latvia - I want back soo bad..



  1. Ak, turies! Centies atmest ilgas pēc mājām un vienkārši pabaudīt pieredzi, jauno vietu, iespaidus, jo tas jau tikai līdz mēneša beigām un laiks skrien tik ātri.
    Izskaties brīnišķjīgi! Ak, tavas kurpes un soma!!!Uzreiz iekrita acīs.
    Lai jaukas dienas Norvēģijā!

    xoxo Ra

  2. Hey, I really like your blog! I like your style. I invite you to myself on a blog. Greetings! It may follow?

  3. Love the jacket and heels;)
    You look beautiful!
    kisses x

  4. vienaa vaardaa - ah-mazing!! loti patiik shis look x