Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Open air Vintage festival report

 Last saturday was the festival, where people was selling vintage, handmade and recent clothing and accessories. This festival usually take place two times in year in winter and summer, and I always participate in summer edition - this was my third time.
 At that moment when I took the photos I didnt notice ( I was in hurry) this lovely purse with gold pineapple and other studs - too bad, because its so lovely, I would love to have it..

 I made some floral crowns, but I should have made more - because I sold them very quickly..I just didnt know that people will like them, plus I knew that other sellers will have some crowns too, so I thought that there is possible that people will buy other crowns more..well next time i will be better prepared..



  1. great stuff there.... I love the vintage tin boxes! great post dear....

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  3. o, jā nekad neko nevar zināt un vislabāk ir patiešām sagatavoties. jauki notverti brīži no pasakuma.Prieks, ka tev veicās, jo tas jau ir pats labākais.

    xoxo Ra


  4. wow, love the stuff from all pics!!!
    great pics!
    kisses x

  5. ..he he , skatoties bildes pirmais ko ievêroju bija tie zelta augliši uz sominas , zel ka nesanāca nopirkt , butu statement pirkums ligament laikam ..kronīši super , man prieks ka visu pārdevi , ka neka LĪgo priekšā un ne visi mak nopīt istos un neīstos ..Paldies par reportåžu :)