Saturday, January 19, 2013

Addiction starts with E and last with bay.

 My favourite shopping place in internet still is ebay, and Im usually at UK ebay, but lately I sneak into Australian ebay too, because there are many great Australian brands, which can be found there for nice prices.

These shoes are Anne Michelle (actually when I found these shoes, I had never heard about such brand, its Uk brand, I guess) - but I really love the metal details, and the heel is 15cm, which is awesome too.
And gold bracelet set I got for few pounds, I love classic and simple bracelets, which looks nice with almost any outfit.

I really love that person who invented the ebay. :D 
Also I love these sellers who doesnt mention brand in title and descripton, so there are less people who find this listing, and I have bigger chances to get the item for very low price..



  1. Great items!!

    xx Mounia

  2. Love the shoes! A contemporary Cinderella, Chrome is the new glass ;) <3 Emily

  3. wow, the shoes are beautiful! :-)

    good luck with your blog!